Next project will be 3

This next project will be 3 models and diorama

Models will be

  1. Sherman M4A1 DV (just a little work started)
  2. M21 Mortar Motor Carriage (65% done)
  3. M7 Priest early production (not started)

I’ll post more pictures as I go

PBR Completed


This was a real fun build and I learned a lot more about my father.

This is one of those times when it feels really great to say “Thank you for your time spent for your country and our freedom”

And to make something you can sit back and enjoy

pbr-115 pbr-116 pbr-117


After all these years I finally have something I can build for my father.

He was on the USS Pitkin County (LST-1082) in Vietnam War and I have not found a WWII LST yet. The PBR’s would dock at his ship for fuel and rest so he was really happy I had one in the box. So this is the next project and will be posting as I build so he can watch.





This was put together for a tanker who drove this M48A3.

We met for the first time last year


6×6 Cargo truck

First model in the new house is the 6×6 Cargo truck.
It will be after Christmas when this will be done (waiting on a stencil printer) this way I can try painting a copy of the decals on the back of the truck and then onto the tank transporter.
After that it will be weathered and completed


This is where the stencil star will be painted (center of tailgate)



M3 LEE Mk1

m3-lee-mk1-collage lee-and-grant
I ran across this old timer and had to have it to complete the collection (Lee and Grant)
This is what Tamiya calls the (‘70s Tamiya Masterpiece Models), I’m glad they make them better now days. I did not take pics of all the putty work that needed to be done and the parts had more than normal flash on the parts. So there was more time cleaning, sanding and putty work.


Kanonenwagen update

Update: Completed… the old decals were a pain next time I look for new ones With having a house being built I have not spent as much time as I’d like on the models.
That being said I have also been working on the Kanonenwagen with free hand camouflage and weathering to get the “I’ve been mudding” look. Still have a bit more work and waiting to see how the paint dries (mud effects)
Best of all for my birthday my daughter got airbrush for me.

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen Type 166


I bought this a few years ago but never took the time to get back into modeling. This was still in the box and plastic. This model is more about painting detail than just build/paint/weather. Very small in size but still enjoyable while I wait for information on what transmission housing is needed for a friend, the Sherman tank his dad used while serving in WWII.
All pictures and updates of this VW will be under this post and at the end I’ll put them all together like the last two.