German 3T 4×2 Truck with 2cm Flak 38 and add-on to diorama

This time not all the work is being done on just the model first, its being spread out over the field maintenance equipment as well. It takes some time to get the look I’m after for each part so it looks used and weathered. The truck will be open being worked on like the Panther D.  More to come

This table was grey like the vice.. then added oily rag and oil stain –  last added vice now that it’s painted


The truck

M4 Sherman (early production) — Finished

This one is done and I’ve put the two together and it’s about 20 years apart. Now to move back to the diorama to finish it.
First off the front shots then the two tanks..

About 20 years apart

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M4 Sherman (early production) — Goggles

The build is going great just finished the goggles for the commander and driver. I used canopy glue for the lens part as a friend suggested and it turned out good, still building the commander but as you can see the driver is done. Right now the main gun is drying and working on the tracks then putting the rest together. Then the fun starts with weathering…..  more to come

making room for lens

Used canopy glue for the lens

Driver gets one pair


Sd.Kfz.184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer Elefant

Now completed and moving onto the next which I think will be another Sherman. This one I had built about 20 years ago so now I will build it again to compare.M4_Sherman-IMG_0112

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88mm FlaK 36 auf Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H (finished)

Now this is done it’s time to pick the next (a Sherman or Elefant) or a Churchill….. Might be the German Elefant.. all the paints are out already

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