Camouflage time

I feel I need more time on this and will work on it

Another Semi Track

This one just needed a little work to finish and is a bit rough (another 16 – 17 year old model put up before being completed)

This will be good for practicing camouflage before finishing the other two. will be using the same pattern and colors, just need to get a pin lines from the airbrush. after that is done it will be time to apply weathering and shading.


Still a long way to go

Well it’s starting to look more like a truck then junk. Also took two pics showing how small these are even at 1/35 scale.


Testing assembly

Time for testing the assembly to make sure the body parts come together, sanding and filing if needed. Adding the smaller parts and touch up painting on the parts that would be too difficult to reach after everything is glued.

the front wheels and spare still need to be painted and assembled.

Nice find

I found this one 75% done in it’s box on the last shelf in my display case. I figured this can be worked on at the same time I’m working on the Steyr type 1500A/01. This will look good together in a display

A few and more to come

This is a few of the models I have built. Most were damaged from moving and these are the few that made it this long. I will in time restore or burn out the rest. Click here for Completed models

With the support from GhozyLab I was able to get this working… Thanks a bunch for the fast response time and quick turn around on the fix which was Jet Pack (Photon plugin needing to be disabled)