Thank you for your service

The story behind this M48A3 is that while we were having our house built, a friend of my wife dropped by to see how the house was coming along. My wife told him that I build models and he wanted to see my work. At this time, I was working on a Sherman. He told me he learned to drive tanks in a Sherman. So of course I started asking questions. This is when I found out he was a tanker in Vietnam and drove this tank, so I asked him more questions about his time and the tank. After the house was finished and we moved in and got everything setup, I found his tank that I wanted to build for him. This was more or less a thank you for his service and advice. After I was done, I had left it with the tracks unfinished and no weathering. Sad to say we have not seen him since the visit.

So today I finished it in memory of him and it is completed and in the display case.

The rest before it was totally completed.


About Ron

I've been building models off and on for over 30 years and really got back into models in 2014. The web has made it easier to research and see what others are doing which is helping me learn new things to apply to each new build.
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