Tamiya U.S. M16 Half Track

I ran across this last year (7/2016) this was started around 1993 maybe 1994 by a good friend of mine. After a few months of working on it he became frustrated with the paint and other things with the model kit. I tried to teach him but at the time lacked the know how to teach him and also lacked the tools and skills to help as well. Now 23 plus years later I ran across his kit almost 50% done and parts scattered all over my part piles of broken or uncompleted models. The decals for this model were dry rotted so I used some from another Half Track. Most of the painting he had done was left, I did clean off one of the doors and one whole side that really showed brush lines and airbrushed a new finish. Then talked him into coming over for the last bit to be done. After that he did not take it with him so I did a little more weathering today then snapped a few pictures to post. On the shelf it goes as completed
If he ever wants it this will be waiting for him..
The blue background is the new pictures


I've been building models off and on for over 30 years and really got back into models in 2014. The web has made it easier to research and see what others are doing which is helping me learn new things to apply to each new build.

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