Tamiya German Self Propelled Howitzer Wespe and Diorama ((Completed))

Finally completed this cold project. It just started out as a replacement for a Wespe I built about 20 years ago and moved before it was 100% done and lost the tools to this diorama. Then I kept thinking of more and more to do or buy to add on, ended up using 2 full kits and extra parts from past completed builds. I used wood putty to mold the campfire logs and Tamiya snow.
Now to clear out the area and get ready for a small build for someone requesting a Japanese WWII car (first for me)

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Two Wespe 20 years apart

Tamiya Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz.232 8-Rad (finished)

This was nice to have back in the collection again. A lot of clean up work for this older Tamiya kit also added a photo etched leftover for the hook for the bucket and made rope and wire for the canteens from heated sprues.
Chipped and rusted the body and added the copper to the antenna mount area, the kit shows to paint as body color but box art and other photos show copper. Muffler covers are not right and came with the kit solid when the should be screens so I rusted the hell out of them. This is around 1939 time frame… Poland

Please let me know what you think….    Next is the Wespe

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4 projects

Working on 4 different projects right now.. 0ne is the middle east diorama, one M48A3 finishing up as in weathering and tracks and two complete builds. I also added a few things to the site that will allow Facebook and Google+ users to post comments if they want. Not sure how it works yet as this is the first post after activating.

Diorama progress- building done and this door..


M48A3 the tracks were not looking right and I want to add more weathering

Wespe is a complete build

Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz.232 8-Rad this is another complete build and this will be the early version without the bullet proof plate in the front.


Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor “British”

This completes the model for the diorama, now to finish assembly and painting of the middle east scene. This will take a bit longer than the model and will take up more space as well. This one will be the largest one I’ve built from Minimart and they can be a pain to build but can look awesome if done right. This is the box art link for the Middle east diorama.
Tamiya kit 35045

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TAKOM Škoda PA-II “Turtle”

This was something I’m not sure I’d build for myself so when she was serious about me building for her so I did and here you go.

As I had posted on +Google “This odd looking car (Skoda) was something my wife saw and bought because it is cute and she liked it’s nickname “Turtle” and she wanted the WWI style camo that was shown on the box.. BUT she wanted the colors to be bright and cute and no weathering at all. Well I said no to bright colors and talked her into more normal. So this is what I ended up with and now to move on to the rest so she can put it in her sowing room. ”

Now onto the next project….

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