River side scene

It’s been a bit of time from the last post on the M31. The current project keeps changing because of my mind.. This started out in a totally different concept as you will see if you scroll through the photos. At this point I’m building the models as well as the diorama. The few that were to go in this are now not and new ones are on the bench. Who knows how many more times things will change by the time the diorama is done.



Takom M31 U.S. Tank Recovery Vehicle

This one popped up while I was on Amazon and I just had to have it for the collection. Now it’s going to be part of a scene I will be starting on soon. This build took a bit of time to finish because I kept jumping from one thing to the next till I was left with this being the only project. On top of all that this had a lot of detail work in the build. Weathering is still needed and will be done to match the scene.


Dragon Wagon tank transporter

This has been on the shelf almost 4 years waiting to be finished. Unit now I had no idea what I wanted to do with this long model till now, so I took it down and cleared off the dust. Then the decals and weathering was completed. This will be in one of the biggest diorama I’m going to make, it will be at least 3 different kits. Still planning that part out and still one more model to be finished which is the M31 tank recovery system.

I will say the trailer was a lot to weather but it was fun.

This is the link to the building of this kit 40 Ton Tank Transporter “Dragon Wagon”


Tamiya U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer

This M10 Tank Destroyer was my Christmas gift from my grandkids last year (2016). They are coming back this year so I figured I’d have it done for them. At first it was going to be a straight build nothing added (out of the box build), but then I started adding. One thing led to another and then it needed a scene, a small one but a scene.
I’m going to start posting the finished model or diorama on here and post the progress on Google+ which will be two places
Andy’s Hobby Headquarters Modelcon https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109494894015647831461
And mine Military models https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101680325714021088194
this way everyone can enjoy looking at all the building everyone else posts
So here it is enjoy..


Thank you for your service

The story behind this M48A3 is that while we were having our house built, a friend of my wife dropped by to see how the house was coming along. My wife told him that I build models and he wanted to see my work. At this time, I was working on a Sherman. He told me he learned to drive tanks in a Sherman. So of course I started asking questions. This is when I found out he was a tanker in Vietnam and drove this tank, so I asked him more questions about his time and the tank. After the house was finished and we moved in and got everything setup, I found his tank that I wanted to build for him. This was more or less a thank you for his service and advice. After I was done, I had left it with the tracks unfinished and no weathering. Sad to say we have not seen him since the visit.

So today I finished it in memory of him and it is completed and in the display case.

The rest before it was totally completed.


Tamiya U.S. Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40 (finished)

I’m calling this M40 done and it was a great kit that I highly recommend. I took the finished shots before the bucket of water was finished drying so I’ll go back and take a few close ups.

The diorama is a Korean War scene as the M40 saw limited action in WWII. So enjoy


Tamiya U.S. Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40

As we go through Harvey’s heavy downpours here in Houston I figured it was a great time to work on this M40. Added the metal barrel and finished off the tracks so their ready. Also started on the figures as there is 8 of them…. All this rain makes me sleepy so I might take a nap and wake up to more work…



Tamiya Japanese 4X4 Light Type 95 Kurogane 1/48 scale

This is not my normal build or scale (almost too small for me), but a friend wanted this for a gift so here it is. Now moving onto the U.S. M40….


Tamiya German Self Propelled Howitzer Wespe and Diorama ((Completed))

Finally completed this cold project. It just started out as a replacement for a Wespe I built about 20 years ago and moved before it was 100% done and lost the tools to this diorama. Then I kept thinking of more and more to do or buy to add on, ended up using 2 full kits and extra parts from past completed builds. I used wood putty to mold the campfire logs and Tamiya snow.
Now to clear out the area and get ready for a small build for someone requesting a Japanese WWII car (first for me)


Two Wespe 20 years apart